Aspects of Symmetry

The International Collaboration "Regional Doctoral Program in Theoretical and Experimental Particle Physics" announces an annual PhD school and Workshop ASPECTS OF SYMMETRY (November 8-12, 2021) This continues the series of events, which are organized in Georgia/Armenia every year since 2013. In the previous years, most of the students participating the PhD school have represented the countries from the region (Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, etc.). The lecture courses on different topics were delivered by well-known experts in these fields from leading Universities worldwide. This year (like in the previous year), the event will be held fully online, due to the present situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. The PhD school will be held on November 8-9. Three lecture courses (1.5 hrs each, including discussion), focused mainly on the search of physics beyond the Standard Model at the precision frontier will be delivered:

In the evening session, short contributions from the participating students will be presented.
The scientific workshop will be held on November 10-12. The topics addressed will encompass very different fields and will include, in particular,

  1. Symmetries and interactions in QCD
  2. Symmetries and searches for BSM physics: theory and experiment
  3. Symmetries in integrable systems and their applications in field theory and gravity

The event will be held in the online format. The zoom link will be provided to the registered participants.

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