- UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science in Europe -
- Georgian Academy of Sciences - Tbilisi State University -

Physics at the future colliders

October 16-21, 2005, Tbilisi, Georgia



Local Organizing Committee:

M. Eliashvili (Razmadze Mathematical Institute)
J. Khubua (Institute of High Energy Physics, khu bua@nusun.jinr.ru)
M. Nioradze (Institute of High Energy Physics, nio rad@hepi.edu.ge)
B. Chiladze (Institute of High Energy Physics)
A. Khelashvili (Tbilisi State University)
T. Djobava (Institute of High Energy Physics, djob ava@hepi.edu.ge), Scientific secretary




Main Topics:

    • Detectors for Colliders
    • Experimental Instruments and Methods
    • Higgs, SUSY, Top Physics
    • CP-violation, Heavy Ion collisions
    • Development and tests of the common software
    • Provision of computer communication
    • GRID project


Contact address:
Department of Theoretical Physics
A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute
1 Aleksidze Street
GE-0193 Tbilisi, Georgia
Phone: (+995-32) 33 42 17
Email: ispm@rmi.acnet.ge
URL: http://rmi.acnet.ge/ispm