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- Georgian Academy of Sciences - Tbilisi State University -

Physics at the future colliders

October 16-21, 2005, Tbilisi, Georgia



Monday, October 17

Chairman: Prof. Merab Eliashvili

1000-1015 Merab Eliashvili
1015-1100 Jemal Khubua (IHEPI, Tbilisi, Georgia & JINR, Dubna, Russia)
The Bell Rings, or what was done and what are we doing in ATLAS
1100-1145 Stano Tokar (Bratislava University, Slovakia)
Determination of top quark charge
1150-1220 Leila Chikovani (IOP GAS, Georgia)
Study of ATLAS sensitivity to FCNC top decays

1225-1250 Cofee break

Chairman: Prof. Jemal Khubua

1250-1320 Robert Stanek (ANL, Argonne, USA)
Some kind of status summary of ATLAS components
1325-1355 Strashimir Mavrodiev (INRNE, BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria)
On the investigation of some nonlinear problems in high energy physics and cosmic ray physics
1400-1430 Vakhtang Garsevanishvili (RMI GAS, Tbilisi Georgia)
Light front variables in high energy hadron-hadron and nucleus-nucleus interactions

1900 Banquet



Tuesday, October 18

Chairman: Prof. Teimuraz Kopaleishvili

1000-1045 Gennady Kozlov (JINR, Dubna, Russia)
On multiparticle correlations at hadron colliders
1050-1120 Mikheil Maziashvili (TSU, Tbilisi, Georgia)
Dynamics of massive matter escape into extra space

1200-1225 Cofee break)

Chairman: Prof. Robert Stanek

1225-1255 Victor Ivanov (JINR, Dubna, Russia)
Project Dubna – Grid
1300-1345 Akaki Liparteliani (IHEPI, Tbilisi, Georgia)
1450-1420 Temur Nadareishvili, Anzor Khelashvili (IHEPI, Tbilisi, Georgia)





Wednesday, October 19

Excursion Tbilisi Mtkheta (Old Capital of Georgia)




Thursday, October 20

Excursion (Kakheti, East Georgia)




Friday, October 21

Chairman: Prof. Vakhtang Kartvelishvili

1000-1030 Gela Devidze (IHEPI, Tbilisi, Georgia)
Rare processes as windows into extra dimentions
1035-1105 Mirian Tabidze (IHEPI, Tbilisi, Georgia)
Correlations between particls from Ws in e+e → W+W events
1110-1140 Tamar Djobava (IHEPI, Tbilisi, Georgia)
Study of collective flow phenoman in high energy nucleus-nucleus collisions

1145-1215 Cofee break

Chairman: Prof. Gennady Kozlov

1215-1300 Revaz Shanidze (Erlangen University, Germany & IHEPI, Tbilisi, Georgia)
Neutrino telescopes and neutrinos from LHC
1305-1335 Vakhtang Kartvelishvili (Lancaster University, UK)
B physics programme in ATLAS




Thursday, October 20

Excursion (Kakheti, East Georgia)




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